Erectile dysfunction in men.

Erectile dysfunction in men.

Let’s talk today about erectile dysfunction and methods that can help solve this problem.

What is considered a violation

We can talk about a violation if the erection either periodically disappears completely, or is insufficient for a high-quality intimate life.

Violations most often manifest themselves in adulthood, while age itself most often has nothing to do with it. The fact is that after 40 years, diabetes mellitus and atherosclerosis are more common, which cause problems with erection.

A weak erection usually appears gradually, while sexual attraction and desire persist. The ejaculation process also remains normal, but an erection during intercourse either manifests itself very badly, or disappears at the most crucial moment.

How to avoid illness

Since most often the causes of this ailment are in chronic vascular diseases – the best way to protect yourself is to lead a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent the development of chronic vascular diseases. And if the problem has already happened, then run to the doctor.

Causes and diagnosis

The reasons can be organic, when there are obvious disorders in the body and psychological.

The psychological factor is one of the most common in the case of erectile dysfunction. In this case, a sexologist – a psychotherapist who deals with disorders in the intimate sphere – can help.

If we are talking about the organic form of the disorder, then you need to look for the disease that caused it. To do this, you need to contact a urologist.

First of all, the doctor will find out if you have inflammatory diseases of the prostate and bladder. This may require an ultrasound scan, a blood test and a bacteriological smear.

If you do not have inflammatory diseases, your doctor will refer you to an endocrinologist and prescribe hormone tests.

Vascular disorders leading to impotence are well detected using Doppler ultrasound, which will help determine if there is a violation of the blood supply to the genitals.


Treatment methods will directly depend on the results of all tests performed – from drug treatment using erection aids to surgery.

The choice of drug depends on the frequency of intercourse and the patient’s personal preference.

In the guidelines of urological associations, the therapy of the 1st treatment is phosphodiesterase inhibitors – IFDE-5: sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil and avanafil.

• Sildenafil: Viagra, Sealex Sildenafil, Maxigra and others.

• Tadalafil: Cialis,

• Vardenafil: Levitra

• Avanafil

Before taking these drugs, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the effects of Viagra on men’s health.

IFDE-5 does not directly provoke an erection and requires stimulation for an erection to occur.

All IFDE-5 are contraindicated in cardiovascular diseases. And they are not combined with taking some “heart” drugs.

In no case should you take these drugs on your own, since there are many nuances in the selection of the dosage, the analysis of concomitant diseases and the assessment of contraindications. Therefore, taking it only after a doctor’s appointment.

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