46 New Glyphs

S - Crowns, Dress, Staves from the 


S – Crowns, Dress, Staves from the Gardiner Sign List.

Gardiner arranged hieroglyphs into categories such as Mammals, Birds, Trees and Plants and labelled each category with a letter of the alphabet. For example: – glyphs beginning with the letter ‘A’ represent ‘Man and his occupations’ and ‘G’ are images of ‘Birds’.

Here are forty six images I’ve made for the S category which includes the White crown of Upper Egypt, the Blue war Crown and various other items.

I have a pile of old hard drives in my office – looking through some of them last night I found some interesting content, which I’d forgotten about such as cartouches of all the kings names, photos, drawings, videos, puzzles and games etc, I’ll include some of this stuff over the next few months.

I’ll keep you posted


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