40 New Hieroglyph Photos Edfu Temple

40 New Hieroglyph Photos Edfu Temple – Edfu Temple is the best preserved and the second largest after Karnak. It was dedicated to the falcon headed god Horus. The temple we see today was built during the reigns of six Ptolemies – begun in 237 BC and finished in 57 BC.

40 New Photos Edfu Temple

There is a two thousand year old tourist guide at the temple of Edfu inscribed in a 300 meter band around its outer enclosure wall. The author, an unknown priest, describes how the temple appeared in its heyday

“the embellishing of its walls with gold, the laying on of the colours”.

It must have glinted in the sun like a precious jewel.

The account also describes the temple’s inauguration festival

“The inhabitants of Dendara joined the inhabitants of Edfu, men and women together, drunk with wine and anointed with Tishepes oil, with garlands around their necks.”

(The goddess Hathor was the wife of the god Horus) It goes on to say “There was a great festival of drunkenness, without equal since the foundation of the earth until now. Millions and hundreds of thousands of delicious foods and beer were abundant and immeasurable. The ground swam in the Green Horus Eye wine. Plenty of cattle and fowl made the altars festive with burnt offerings and incense so the sky over Edfu was no longer visible”.